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COOKIE! [[ juu ]]
By: justiniechan 12.2 years ago

10,250 downloads • 4.63 stars


A template about cookies! Cookies are nice, arent they? =]Anyway, this template is for the people out there who have sweet teeth.

Also, it came from a request from del who asked for a template about apetizing food. Hope this will do! Yup, i realised that i havent done one on food, so i found this pic and decided to do one!

Anyway, the space between the words CAN be...

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yEe *[[___ im not perfect ((: `-//* 0=)
By: angeliciouss 11.9 years ago

21,586 downloads • 4.57 stars


okae. the title says everything?

hmm. take a look.

suitable for both guys and girls. my previous blog's layout. pretty interesting. (:

uhmm. IM SO SORREEE. i forgot to mention that the ADORABLE angel picture is from deviantart. ok pleaseeee dun start scolding me. im so sorry i used a picture from deviantart. and there one HUGE problem. i saved this pic looong...

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BROKENsmile X: {^^- YUNNx. }
By: rainbowxpopcorn 11.6 years ago

1,266 downloads • 4.20 stars

very different from the first one.
the layout was hand-drawn by me in adobe ps 7.0 .
LEAVE the credits alone (:
and COMMENTS PLS. i would love all POSTIVE comments (:

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[o6] DREAMER;anime
By: star_fantasy 11.2 years ago

2,411 downloads • 4.90 stars

quite proud of this skin.. haha
you may like to host the pic yourself :)
Simple and cleam from Kingdom Hearts :)
from www.boyis.com. BUT edited
The barcode font-

oh ya.. my fren help me a lot in this skin too =)
leave the credits alone ok?
give me comments!
thankiews =]

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04# just smile
By: fighterica 11.2 years ago

1,278 downloads • 4.45 stars

my 04 skin....yeeeeeey
I hope its better then the first one... lol... i dnot know where i got the picture, i think on google search...lol...

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018. Fight the tears
By: xiicedtea 10.7 years ago

977 downloads • 4.80 stars

You're welcome! I made a totally new layout with new code and images.
What I like most is that the banner at the top changes color when you hover. Enjoy&&Rate UP!
I am currently using this one, so I would prefer it if you don't until maybe 2 weeks from now? You can still comment and download it, though.


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35. I can always make you smile
By: *`kelli 10.6 years ago

2,308 downloads • 4.88 stars

I like the picture.
Its so cute.
I love it.
Wont you love it too?
Picture is from deviantart.
Will credit the person the moment I find the person. TT
Simple. as usual.
A skin dedicated to BM} XD

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toothy SMILINGqueen
By: chelx- 10.6 years ago

982 downloads • 4.50 stars

long time no see..my cousin took the pic. and i edited it with ph0to artist..played with brushes. enj0y. :))

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SMILE as i let you go] `-xiiaoyinqq
By: xiaoying1314 10.6 years ago

859 downloads • 3.36 stars

about LOVE again..
basicially describinqq my feelinqqs.
#o3 bl0qskin
f0rgive the style 0f mye writinqqs..
leave the credits al0ne, dun ripp...
appreciate if yoo are able to leave comments..
lastly.. h0pe yoo like it.

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sTyLeS Of My LiFe [CuteCrysal]
By: CuteCrysal 10.5 years ago

1,080 downloads • 5.00 stars

The Second Blogskin I done in a LONG Time.. Hahas.. Give Comments Thanks..

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#9 smiles*
By: lashious 10.4 years ago

939 downloads • 4.70 stars

well its a nice pic i tink...and i hope you all out thr will like it too!!lol...enjoy!!

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sugarcult- ; {lilyallen/smile}
By: sugarcult- 10.4 years ago

1,104 downloads • 4.88 stars

Feature: Lily Allen & her new song "Smile"
Colours: Black, Grey, Orange
Brushes: 1 ,
2 ,
Images: 1
Please Upload: 1
Music Code: 1
Resources: 1
Designer: 1

Click to find out more (:
Music code is by ME so please dont ripoff (:
Any part not credited? Tell me. (:

ALIVE? yes / no

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By: *703- 10.4 years ago

868 downloads • 5.00 stars

simply i should say
ulgy is the pics
pics from threadless

Skin thumbnail

By: zsneoh 10.4 years ago

1,072 downloads • 4.90 stars

Hahaha a very cute skin.. hope u all like it.!

the loading of the preview might be slow, it takes some time. so please wait. thanks

Skin thumbnail

By: tureswater 10.4 years ago

394 downloads • 0.00 stars


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smile pasta/ sweetened
By: sweetened 10.3 years ago

1,123 downloads • 4.80 stars

it's been quite some time since i last submit a skin? hahs .

th usuals please :D

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Smile: Like you mean it!
By: cynsin 10.3 years ago

1,256 downloads • 4.95 stars


the skin may look messed up but please do not rate low because of that, its not the skin's problem but there's something wrong with the blogskins preview. i can assure you that it looks okay on bloggger!


(even after putting up my speech in every single skin posted today people still don't understand. sigh. at least they are in the minority. thank you...

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BROKEN* | thisisnix
By: thisisnix 10.3 years ago

882 downloads • 5.00 stars

what it says
i edited the pic which was so freaking hard
to decode and make it work


text-decoration: none;
cursor: crosshair;
color: maroon;

text-decoration: none;
cursor: help;

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jy\20-SMILE! I'm here
By: jy-instyle 10.3 years ago

1,062 downloads • 5.00 stars

a cute skin that 's been on my blog for very long.. haha..
i oni like the fact that the words are very comfortable to read.. !! ^^

dun rate down coz de pic is squeezed, okay? and oso no rating down coz it's bright.. ppl hav different taste! dun rate down oso coz there is preview error. everything works out fine if u just copy the codes from the notepad to blogger template....

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smile (i love you); { Hilary! o:
By: { Hilary! 0: 10.2 years ago

903 downloads • 4.77 stars

My first ever skin (not really anyway, I think it's the fourth), HAHAHA.
It's gay, I know!

Skin thumbnail

By: spagetti 10.2 years ago

1,778 downloads • 5.00 stars

live ur life in a happy manner (:
be good to everybody (:

Skin thumbnail

#2Smile - QianJing;
By: QianJing 10.2 years ago

868 downloads • 4.81 stars

My 2nd skin .
about SMILING . LOL .
xDDD i got the images from photobucket .
and im ..
still using paint .
i know it still looks UGLY .
ok yea i know that .
anyways .
hope ya guys can rate and comment . :DD
thank you

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babygirl-}} HerLOVES
By: babygirl- 10.2 years ago

835 downloads • 0.00 stars

Actually this skin has the people name i loves.. including my friends in AI CHOIR~!! i love them alot.. i dun think u will reload that coz um =P hahas.. maybe those names in there.. u can GRAB THE SKIN! WAHAHAHA!

Skin thumbnail

babygirl- {{SMILE!}}
By: babygirl- 10.2 years ago

1,019 downloads • 4.00 stars

hellos.. im a happy girl.. so i created THIS! i wish u all will like it =P im a new blogskinner.. so must improve me.. thanks..

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TASHIIE ; the world is under her feet
By: youjustgottaloveTASH_ 10.2 years ago

1,078 downloads • 4.82 stars

This is the first skin i have made using this code and a skin that i have made that i submitted to blogskins in a very long time.
This skin is about happiness, it's about being positive and that it's your world, so you can go make the decisions to go shape it. Also it's about who cares what other people think sort of thing. It's your life, it's your world, and you got once chance to try and...

Skin thumbnail

Valentine- icecubes!
By: icecubes! 10.1 years ago

801 downloads • 4.96 stars

i am back. (:
i spent damn long on this skin.
like, 4-5 hours?
yep, rate download and fave yah.
i hope for SOTD
i am !LAYDEE ;D by the way. so i did not rip yah

Skin thumbnail

By: style- 10.0 years ago

807 downloads • 4.81 stars

simply just edit the picture and the colour frm my last blogskin. hahhas.

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