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Skins tagged with: stars

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Black ink, optional stars
By: may*star 14.1 years ago

12,945 downloads • 4.20 stars

made for use by BOYS and also GIRLS. (it's just one of the few i have that i think a boy might actually like!!) looks like CSS, but it's not!

black with white, grey and a hint of blue. what more could you want? = )

you don't even NEED the image, it looks good with or with out it! If you do want to use the...

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a * starry * day
By: may*star 14.1 years ago

8,656 downloads • 3.76 stars

looks like a kinda girly skin, BUT you BOYS can change the colors and put up your own background image or color and tah-duh! it's a boy skin now!

another miricle: STILL no css!!
this skin took over 20 hours to make! eeeek!! someone had me make a custom skin for them, and after i was done with it, i messed with the html and made this one! (they look completely differnt too! LOL)...

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boys night out *
By: may*star 14.1 years ago

8,215 downloads • 4.21 stars

a skin made in "boy" colors. (AKA a-sexual)girls can use it too!!!
get image here!

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a * star * flower
By: may*star 14.1 years ago

12,187 downloads • 3.99 stars

feel free to change the colors and the font!
a fun, yet simple blogskin for those who cannot upload their own images, but still want an image!
you'll like this skin if you are sick of tables and squares and rectangles and squares, and squares, and....you get the point...!
just look at it!
and STILL no CSS! yay!

Today in school i was thinking: "when i get home i'm not...

Skin thumbnail

a * r e t r o * g i r l
By: may*star 14.1 years ago

9,218 downloads • 3.97 stars

a fun skin that has free image-less graphics....
a very girly skin, with pink, white ,and greyish-black, but NOT too much pink, it's mainly white, with a touch of pink for fun.
If you like'd * star flower * and you like pink, you like this one!
if you don't like the colors/fonts change em!

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tHe TWiLigHt zoNE by MAYSTAR
By: may*star 13.9 years ago

2,756 downloads • 4.31 stars

go look at it!

Needs TWO images: background image

twilight zone logo

this blog can easily be made bigger, you can take the blue glow off the font and so on. pretty easy to edit.....

Skin thumbnail

a girl's * life (pink starflowers)
By: may*star 13.9 years ago

7,709 downloads • 3.84 stars

1) yes the tables are supposed to overlap a bit, that's why the text scrolls.
2)you can delte that table if it isn'e "normal" enough for you.
3) someone make me do my homework and get off the computer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this skin is pink with CSS imageless images, "starflowers", etc...........nothing to upload.

to put a top on your blog, add this to...

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4 boys & girls:: m o r e - s u g a r !
By: may*star 13.8 years ago

3,624 downloads • 3.47 stars

needs ONE image. PLEASE upload it to your own server!
get image HERE!!
looks good in all major Browsers and Resolutions!!!
for Boys and Girls
change the colors/fonts if you don't like them.
uses bright primary colors for a comic book/1950's advertising look...............
just go look at it.....

Skin thumbnail

blue and yellow stars
By: may*star 13.8 years ago

3,967 downloads • 4.28 stars

yellow and light blue with stars and stuff. lots of room for links and a tagboard. upload images to your OWN website/server....works in all browsers, images by me. etc.............

Skin thumbnail

gun smoke grey (and other colors) w/ optional star
By: may*star 13.8 years ago

4,028 downloads • 4.11 stars

one optional image (star)...upload it to your own server.
a regular sized blog. sort of similar to my black in and blue bubbles skin---but WOAH is it NOT the same in code; way better code, and way less confusing. only two columns, and not three. different structure, etc,...haha...this thing took hours and hours...
works in all browsers
has a bit more of a professional type look to...

Skin thumbnail

Pink Goddess
By: Sodarnsweet5463 13.8 years ago

2,464 downloads • 4.17 stars

Okay, clearing things up here. Now I'm making my own blogs but I ONLY submitted Lissy's designed blogs cuz they weren't for blogger and I wanted all the blogger users to be able to use them 2 because they were really cute. Also, I did not make the girl but I DID put everything else on so if you see the girl on another web page then it's prob normal but if u see the girl w/ everything else...

Skin thumbnail

blue & white; optional star V2.0
By: may*star 13.7 years ago

3,681 downloads • 4.69 stars

....normally i could just edit this template (instead of re-submitting it), but something about the fake tagboard that i put into the last version of this template makes it uneditable in blogskins...

Anyway, this version has better links, and a sizing problem was fixed...[[the height was set to 95% or 100% instead of 500.]]

hope nobody yells at me for submitting that 'same' template...

Skin thumbnail

By: ebedgert 13.7 years ago

4,308 downloads • 4.46 stars

Requires the following graphics (sorry, I know there's quite a few):

Please copy to your own server. Thanks!

Skin thumbnail

orange b o u n c e*
By: deceit 13.5 years ago

1,897 downloads • 4.11 stars

orange + yellow.
and the image's here

Skin thumbnail

Deep Blue Stars *
By: casperbooh13 13.5 years ago

5,789 downloads • 3.99 stars

Here is the blue version... for ria...

Skin thumbnail

Tourquoise Stars *
By: casperbooh13 13.5 years ago

2,568 downloads • 4.35 stars

Hey... sorry there is so much pressure i am working on the different colors and here is tourquoise version. I don't know some ppl want the mouse and some not so i am puttin it on every template and signify the place where you can remove it. Ok so it's up to you. But in school i get alot of homework my chemistry teacher... huh? so it's gona take a while ...

Skin thumbnail

Star-Framed [Ad-Less]
By: crystyx 13.3 years ago

1,693 downloads • 4.61 stars

This is a plain and simple skin built on Div Layers.
The colors are Blue and White with a sprinkle of stars, partially concealed.
And YES, it's AD-FREE! Complete with space for a TagBoard!
Only one image for you to download:


IMPORTANT: I REALLY need you guys to save the images on your own server as I have reached my bandwidth limit and the images have been cut off to...

Skin thumbnail

love me love me not ::hallow vampire
By: crossfirecsh 13.3 years ago

1,847 downloads • 3.23 stars

typical skin, with a twist of love

Skin thumbnail

Nothing last forever::Hallow vampire::destiny
By: crossfirecsh 13.3 years ago

1,806 downloads • 4.33 stars

yarh, another of my blog, erm, people can change the font color to their choice, need not follow.
Music included

Skin thumbnail

Paint The Night [Ad-Less]
By: crystyx 13.3 years ago

2,771 downloads • 4.68 stars

A rather simple, starry skin with a strong emphasis on the blog rather than the decor.
Absolutely AD-FREE with ample space for everything you want. No pesky table borders to hinder you.
Best viewed with 800x600 resolution.
There's only one image, serving as a decoration as well as an ad-blocker:


IMPORTANT: I REALLY need you guys to save the images on your own server as I...

Skin thumbnail

Star-Framed (Blossom Pink) [Ad-Less]
By: crystyx 13.3 years ago

1,650 downloads • 4.83 stars

Another Star-Framed skin (Pink this time, suggested by kaxinz-shangxinz !).

A twin of the Original BLUE version and a NEW! PURPLE one.

WARNING: Those who have an adversion to small-ish layouts with peek-a-boo stars should stay away!

Completely AD-LESS! With only one image to download:


IMPORTANT: I REALLY need you guys to save the images on your own...

Skin thumbnail

a darkened star by May*star
By: may*star 13.3 years ago

10,763 downloads • 3.97 stars

a small dark (black etc..) blog with a blurred star.

this is a modified version something i was making for a DJ friend of mine, but he never gave me money and he said he would [liar ...grrr] ...so he doesn't get to have it! so here you go! free for you guys, because i love you more ! ;)

uses the same colors as 'deep thoughts' ...
please upload the image to your own...

Skin thumbnail

Star-Framed (Magic Purple) [Ad-Less]
By: crystyx 13.3 years ago

1,580 downloads • 4.39 stars

From the Star-Framed series!
Star-Framed (Original)
Star-Framed (Blossom Pink)

This one's purple, as suggested by snow_queen919 . So I dedicate this skin to her!

WARNING: Those who have an adversion to small-ish layouts with peek-a-boo stars should stay away!

It's absolutely AD-FREE with itty-bitty space for a tagboard. Best that you just chuck the tagboard idea...

Skin thumbnail

By: fluffystar 13.3 years ago

2,890 downloads • 4.76 stars

Features a few horses and lyrics from Runaway by Linkin Park

This is my first dark layout after making two light ones.

No ads, you may direct link the images if you want.

If you think that the white text is too striking please tell me in your comment and I'll try my best to change it to something better


Skin thumbnail

lonelyger .::. Explosions .::. [No ads!]
By: lonelyger 13.3 years ago

2,821 downloads • 4.84 stars

Taken a veeeeery long break from making skins. Hopefully it's good enough. Wasn't allowed to use the computer actually because of my horrible exam results. Sigh.

Host your own image btw. Else don't complain to me that you can't see a thing.

Skin thumbnail

purple starr*
By: deceit 13.3 years ago

1,974 downloads • 4.43 stars

skin features a purple star .

simple layout with black, purple and pink.

Skin thumbnail

Life is beautiful::hallow vampire:spirit
By: crossfirecsh 13.3 years ago

2,602 downloads • 4.83 stars

This is another of my blogskin. I made this coz now I m abit depressed and i made it to make myself remain opitmistic.
This is also dedicated to a long lost friend who died at the age of 7 in australia. yups. so...

(includes music)

Skin thumbnail

life as a star *
By: casperbooh13 13.3 years ago

1,574 downloads • 3.86 stars

i finally got the graphic thing installed and i am going to fix all the images for my skins so the clay aiken skin, blue and pink scribbles are going to be updated so i suggest for those who downloaded it they should come back to check soon. i would write improved on there so ya ..

I saw this design in a magazine it was a little different but added a little bit to it. so ok. enjoy...

Skin thumbnail

lonelyger .::. Catch A Falling Star
By: lonelyger 13.3 years ago

7,198 downloads • 4.48 stars

I learnt this song in Primary School. Something along the lines with "Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket, save it for a rainy day. Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket, never let it fade away..."

Anyway, please host the images yourself. There are 10 (yes, 10 ) which eats up A LOT of bandwidth.

Urgh, I'm starting to have a headache.


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