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By: Sarah-nator 9.9 years ago

638 downloads • 3.75 stars

It's cool
It's black and white
It's simple
This is for xanga and you still need to color the side bar thingy to match the layout.
Put the alignment on 486 PX

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[18] Girl Power; twix0rz
By: twix0rz 9.8 years ago

1,339 downloads • 4.96 stars

Drew that crappy image myself. Haha. I was scribbling...x.x;
Don't rate too low because of the image.
So bored.
Best viewed 800x600 i think.
Very pink and green.

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strawberryADDICT {miiss.u}
By: miiss_understood 9.8 years ago

1,178 downloads • 4.89 stars


p.s. chek out ma otha skinz!! i really need more ppl 2 download them!!! :)

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Green Car
By: crazyb34ut1ful 9.8 years ago

1,085 downloads • 4.69 stars

green car
everything green
place some comments,
dont remove my credits!


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Gorgeous Green Stripes; MXYLO
By: mistyxylo 9.7 years ago

881 downloads • 4.86 stars

Stripes are Green, Gorgeous Green.

Stripes are Black, Classy Black.

Simple, Green layout.


PRESS F11 on your KEYBOARD in PREVIEW mode

info: made in Avant Browser. Works in I.E. 6.


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#01- Vogue
By: haruka1 9.7 years ago

1,447 downloads • 5.00 stars

=) first skin. hopefully it's acceptable...

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By: jeeohdee 9.7 years ago

1,111 downloads • 3.79 stars

Uh, nothing explosive. Turns out again the background doesn't load very quickly. it takes forever. just see the screenshot if you don't want to wait.

Again, there's some words in the background that aren't supposed to be there and will not be there when you upload the skin to blogger. so no worries.

PS: made some changes to the font colours etc so that it can be read more easily so may...

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stripess/ pinkblackandwhite.
By: check-ered 9.7 years ago

873 downloads • 4.83 stars

pink black &white.
very simple.

first time submitting.

a little bit of the top is cut of when previewed.
but when you use it it wont be like that.

please comment.

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f io-x -- PURPLE CUTS.
By: trwfiona 9.7 years ago

868 downloads • 4.79 stars

Purple Stripes; cuts.
splat brushes and scroll-down skin.
adjust the settings to your own liking.

please upload host the picture in your accounts!
thanks! =)

need a host?
try photobucket :)

*NOTE* --
DO NOT remove the credits.
this is copyrighted; my very own production.
thanks! enjoy :)

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girls just wanna have fun } absolutcherry
By: absolutcherry 9.7 years ago

1,665 downloads • 4.95 stars

a skin i made for a dear friend of mine.
the background is striped with soft yellow & white,
picture of toes & bottles of nail polish,
basically a girly skin,
yeah hope yawl love it as much as my friend does! :D
do rate or comment!
thanks <3

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Yinny/ 8. Escape. Away from the nautical miles.
By: just-yinny 9.7 years ago

1,319 downloads • 4.94 stars

A:link {
color: #781B1B;
font-weight: none;
cursor: default;
text-decoration: none;
line-height: 8pt;

A:visited {
color: #781B1B;
font-weight: none;
cursor: default;
text-decoration: none;
line-height: 8pt;

A:active {
color: #781B1B;...

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confessions of a shopaholic } absolutcherry
By: absolutcherry 9.7 years ago

1,865 downloads • 4.97 stars

green and white striped, inspired by a teeshirt that i have.
nice vectored image of a shopper :D hence the name,
pretty sweet, a past blogskin of my blog and couldn't resist submitting it for yall.
its ad-free, so enjoy!
do leave a message and rate,
and please rate nicely. if you find any shortcomings please do not give it an uber low rate, just comment on how i can improve.
thanks, love...

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My colourful dream - If only life was this simple.
By: jorockss 9.7 years ago

1,486 downloads • 4.83 stars

If only life was this simple, the child like innocence, the zillion colours. (:

Skin thumbnail

pink, purple and black
By: JERYEO (: 9.6 years ago

3,070 downloads • 4.30 stars

it is simply a skin consist of pink purple and black.

Skin thumbnail

FACELIKEMURDER|of green chairs and blue wedges
By: FACELIKEMURDER 9.6 years ago

1,603 downloads • 4.91 stars

No, I am in fact very much alive.

As you can see I actually came up with something colourful, and I am very surprised with myself as well. My style changes as frequently as Taking Back Sunday's lineup, so here you are witnessing me in one of my happier moods.

This layout features a chair and a pair of wedges (don't ask me why) and has a stripey background.One-liner from Panic! At The...

Skin thumbnail

too much to think about ..
By: ryaihanny 9.6 years ago

746 downloads • 5.00 stars

urm .. another one ..

Skin thumbnail

FACELIKEMURDER|one thirty-six a.m.
By: FACELIKEMURDER 9.6 years ago

1,073 downloads • 4.93 stars

The product of late nights and charles bukowski poems. More imageless goodness, because I am in the mood.

Okay, nothing much to say on this one. Very very simple and minimalist. I am sorry if I have a weird style.

Oh and the very hypocritical me would like to say that the navigations don't work in Firefox.

Ignore the screenshot. Preview the blogskin to look at the radical pattern.

Skin thumbnail

#7- I say hello, but inside Im screaming I love yo
By: easy`licious 9.6 years ago

942 downloads • 4.44 stars

td,p,body{color:black;font:10pt arial}

a{color:808080;font:7pt arial;text-decoration:none}
a:hover{color:ccff66;background:#FF0066;border:0px solid orange;text-decoration:none;cursor:hand}
TEXTAREA{color:black;font:12pt tahoma;border:3px dotted #FF0066}...

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Sing Me One More Sappy Love Song } S/M;;
By: sweetmisery;; 9.6 years ago

420 downloads • 4.88 stars

stripey background.
black and red as the theme colours.
features a small kid with an electric guitar.
uhh, supposed to be kinda messy looking.
i forgot where i got the brushes for this... ):
so anyway, please host pictures yourself (:
thankyou (:

Skin thumbnail

#1} MASKED by desaturate
By: desaturate 9.5 years ago

714 downloads • 4.50 stars

hello you. these are some things i just want you to know: -this is my first blogskin. -advice is greatly welcomed. -changes will be made if i see a need. -the aligning is fine on blogger and works on internet explorer and mozilla firefox on MY COMPUTER. -due to my screen size (i think its the screen size) , the blogskin may look different & the aligning may be totally distorted and i hope you...

Skin thumbnail

Chibibo Toons Blue STripes
By: poopsie_whoopsie2k 9.5 years ago

840 downloads • 5.00 stars

2nd installment, notebook like with blue stripes.

please upload on your own host:)

bg: http://h1.ripway.com/cutie_zara/skins/BARKADA2bg.gif

Skin thumbnail

[29] Pastel Stripes; twix0rz
By: twix0rz 9.5 years ago

1,304 downloads • 4.95 stars

Background from regular adobe. This is plain and simple. Not decorative at all.
Sorry about the whole having to scroll down part. ALIGNMENT A LITTLE BIT OFF IN BLOGGER, shift to the left a bit in the codes!!!
BEST VIEWED AT: 1024x768 resolution in IE! PRESS F11 to not have to scroll as much xP!!! Fair rates and constructive comments.

Skin thumbnail

#3 -- attention] iamafoke
By: iamafoke 9.5 years ago

800 downloads • 4.71 stars

I changed pretty much everything. (including the title)
Thank you simply.dance and spring1 very much for your suggestions :]
I hope this one gets better ratings.
Also, this laptop has a huge monitor so I'm not sure if it would be running off the screen on a standard size.

Skin thumbnail

01 // GREEN[striped]
By: jumpingbeans 9.5 years ago

1,107 downloads • 4.91 stars

take a peek!

-imageless(except for the small icon).
-stripes! is LOVE

feel free to change the icon!
uhh, rate and comment please! :)

Skin thumbnail

#2 The Grey & Black Stripes
By: crapster; 9.5 years ago

586 downloads • 4.50 stars

gagagagaga. title
the post is kinda screwed when you preview it
but it won't be when you use it in blogger. (:
oh and upload your own pictures

Skin thumbnail

{26} City Of Peace /;Lemonfeverr
By: lemonfeverr 9.5 years ago

626 downloads • 5.00 stars

:D Just hope its nice(:
This time for both boys& girls:DDD
RATERATERATE! ¬ to forget, please comment!

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