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Xanga stripes, re-edited by !splitbanana-love #1
By: !splitbanana-love. 8.8 years ago

507 downloads • 4.60 stars

Layout by lyricaltragedy.
inspiration by -ambulance.
All i did to this skin was change th font and th background. It's only my first time, so i really suck at this blog skinnin business. Rate me please! ;D

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o3`Focus on Simplicity-toxxique
By: toxxique` 8.8 years ago

579 downloads • 4.56 stars

Hahas, second skin submitted today. ;3

Thrid skin created! The images are taken from the oh so fabulous live journal!

There seems to be some problem with the part about the credits. The words seem too small. Can someone help me?
Skin basecodes: %XINN`
Images: darkdegree & threemoresteps

Please do not remove credits! Thank you!

If preview doesn't work for you, go to...

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1. Love Perfection-ist
By: Perfection-ist. 8.8 years ago

747 downloads • 4.85 stars

Love Perfection-ist
i dont know if there is a preview error .
i have my past account .
just switch only
Rate it now !

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#10 } Just let you leave without a trace.
By: ♥/ loveee.dead 8.8 years ago

637 downloads • 4.94 stars

body{scrollbar-face-color:white;scrollbar-shadow-color:white;scrollbar-highlight-color:white;scrollbar-3dlight-color:white;scrollbar-darkshadow-color:white;scrollbar-track-color:#999999;scrollbar-arrow-color:#999999;} td,p,body{color: #000000;font:9pt tahoma;cursor:crosshair;}
a{color:#999999;font:9pt arial;...

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40 } Rainbow Loves
By: %pink-blackღ 8.8 years ago

524 downloads • 5.00 stars


td,p,body{color: red; font: 10px tahoma;}

td,p,body{color: #000000;font:10px tahoma;cursor:;} a{color: #FF6699;font:10px...

Skin thumbnail

By: Missy-marshmallow 8.8 years ago

413 downloads • 4.25 stars

Yesssssss,i noe this looks familiar but the alignment is normal.Most blogskins have this alignment.so can I.Don't call me a ripper.

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Vintagee (: RESUBMIT-ED
By: CandyLOVE- 8.8 years ago

522 downloads • 3.50 stars

My first skin . (:
hope u guys like it .
Rate & Comment okee !
If cn , fave it pls !
btw , BASECODES frm
Tammy .

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rainbow dazzle/df
By: dreyfire 8.7 years ago

787 downloads • 0.00 stars

my first skin.

inspiration: living a COLOURFUL life/♥s}

a beginner at everything to do with html.

pls rate, thx :)

Skin thumbnail

resubmitted - rainbow dazzle//df
By: dreyfire 8.7 years ago

1,002 downloads • 4.93 stars

resubmitted, still my first skin.

inspiration: living a COLOURFUL life/♥s}

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velvet-sky #23 - Mellow Wishes
By: velvet-sky 8.7 years ago

2,710 downloads • 4.99 stars


Geh, I was having this imagination inside my brain and I decided to make a layout out of it. It is a tables layout. So there's a whole load of images to upload when you use it. DO ME A FAVOUR IF YOU'RE USING IT PLEASE. D:

I'm like so worried that photobucket's bandwidth will explode. =(

Host your images in photobucket.com , ripway.com...

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s♥-dd &if the radio died
By: sweetlove-dd 8.7 years ago

1,126 downloads • 4.88 stars

A long time since i submitted a skin uh?
This is a VERY plain skin that i submitted.
this skin might be a little off standard. :/
Please comment nicely.
& gimme areas to improve on yeah?
Thanks alot :DD

Skin thumbnail

I Don't Give A damn!
By: x-LuluBelle-x 8.7 years ago

533 downloads • 4.75 stars

short and simple.
nice colours such as black,white and gray were use.
the icons have contrusting colours.
hope you all will like it.

Skin thumbnail

Pink and Blue Stripes
By: starciitylayouts 8.6 years ago

357 downloads • 3.50 stars

Pink and Blue Stripes Myspace Layout

Skin thumbnail

#o1 - StripeBlack & Pink !
By: RedCandy 8.6 years ago

407 downloads • 5.00 stars

My #o1. skin @ blogskins! :)
Not much of experience, hope you like it! :D

P/S: There is a previewing error. Look at the
preview through the screenshot taken, Thanks!

Skin thumbnail

in bloom.
By: hangup. 8.6 years ago

516 downloads • 5.00 stars

its been a really long time since i subbmited a skin. this one is pretty simple and colorful, image made by me in paint =)

i hope you will like it, i think its sweet, anyway do rate and tell me what you think!


Skin thumbnail

By: junw3i 8.6 years ago

1,109 downloads • 4.72 stars

it was inspired partly by the Olypmics' theme
"One World One Dream"
and also the meaning behind the word "Dream"
i use a dark purple background to set a contrast with the coloured stripes and the main word.
i used vibrant colours to show the livelyhood and hue of DREAM.
i hope you like the skin.
Vote and comment wisely!
hope to win the SOTD award

Skin thumbnail

#7 ily-x} Byebye , my lovee .
By: ily-x 8.6 years ago

448 downloads • 4.17 stars

Okayys , lazy describe lurhhs .. Can only be usedd in I.E. .. Colours ; blue , white , black .. Maybe nortt so matchinqq , bbut I ddont thinkk its too baddd in ddeh matchinqq .. Oh wells , just view it euurself ;X . Pleasee rateee ..

Skin thumbnail

Stars stripes
By: snowiepetal 8.6 years ago

576 downloads • 5.00 stars

preview it and rate me thx~

Skin thumbnail

RAN-DOM {/ xoxo; zany.nabz
By: xoxo; zany.nabz 8.6 years ago

307 downloads • 5.00 stars

Hey guys, my very very first skin here.
I'm new so please don't comment badly.
For those who like it, thanks very much. :D
Well i had no idea what to do.
So i made this random skin
I hope some of youu use my skin.


And i also hope you guys put 5 Stars
(if my skin is nice enough :D)

xoxo; zany.nabz

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Simplicity in girls
By: avgan 8.5 years ago

591 downloads • 4.88 stars

Girls are simple yet attractive. This pinkish skin is sure to make your day. It gives visitors a fresh and wonderful feeling. Having them more eager to read your blog each day.

Skin thumbnail

#1 ♥th-rilakkuma; so colourful ♥ [resubmitted]
By: th-rilakkuma 8.5 years ago

501 downloads • 5.00 stars

this is made by me and it's my FIRST skin
and basecodes are got from &BITTER.candy
:D please rate and download
i'm just a beginner :)

Skin thumbnail

By: iZealous 8.5 years ago

413 downloads • 5.00 stars

This is my first time making a skin, I hoped it did look nice. As I tested it out on Mozilla Firefox only, I don't really know if it looks as what I wanted on Internet Explorer.

Don't rate me down. Thanks.

Skin thumbnail

#01) dissapeared. // ~ Promiscuous Girl
By: disappeared. 8.4 years ago

573 downloads • 4.50 stars

body{cursor:crosshair;} well, this is my first template.
was inspired by the song "Promiscuous Girl", I think I already heard.
use but not copy! ;)

[ Only in Portuguese // Made in Brazil ]

Skin thumbnail

By: crazily-crazy 8.4 years ago

328 downloads • 4.83 stars

my second skin
hope you like it .
it seems abit like
summer kisses as i changed the pictures
and changed the background ,
hope you like it ,
please dont rate down .

Skin thumbnail

ZPAHH!/ In silence we wander.
By: chutzpahh 8.4 years ago

363 downloads • 0.00 stars

2nd skin.
Exams are over!
I was looking @ some of my past skins so I decided to put some of 'em up for y'all.
Enjoy and constructive blah blah.
Live preview: Here

Skin thumbnail

forcible confinement :d_
By: disparity_ 8.4 years ago

573 downloads • 4.86 stars

Firefox and IE friendly.
Best viewed in 1024 x 768.

Skin thumbnail

#1 - Pink and Brown Stripes.
By: loveregrets 8.4 years ago

457 downloads • 3.33 stars

Pink and brown stripes as background. More pink than brown other places. There's something wrong with the preview but trust the screenshot, not the preview.

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