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sweetest moments in life [twinklebella3]
By: twinklebella3 10.5 years ago

1,156 downloads • 3.67 stars

my 2nd skin.image mainly from getty.
do give me your comments.Thanks

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#12 xX Marshmellow! :) Xx } ::yingz::
By: ::yingz:: 10.2 years ago

3,600 downloads • 4.96 stars

back with a new skin :)
another navigation skin >
seems like i prefer to make navigational skins..

anw.. a simple img and a simple layout..
image can be found in deviantart..
permission granted for the use of img by =nocturnal-devil

hope u enjoy this skin as usual..
constructive comment appreciated!
:D Merry Christmas!!

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SWEET tooth ;; attitudE.
By: personally me 10.1 years ago

490 downloads • 4.67 stars

for sweet LOVERS!

my first skin! :)

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o1. Chocolates and Sweets
By: blowthislove 10.0 years ago

1,224 downloads • 4.88 stars

NOT my first skin.
won't tell you who i am. =)
though some of you might have guessed.

please comment as much as possible,

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By: cherry332 10.0 years ago

518 downloads • 4.00 stars


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yummy... | sweetsugar
By: sweetsugar 9.9 years ago

1,627 downloads • 4.79 stars

my 1st skin ya ha ha

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&&ana- sweets. myFAVED:D #02
By: &&ana- 9.7 years ago

397 downloads • 5.00 stars

second skin ?
err . actually i've done more with that .
it just , i have problem submitting it ?
hmm .
well ,
this skin based on sweets .
SIMPLE, yet nice .
i actually like simplicity .
those who dont like , i do understand .

all is credited (:

enjoy! and leave the credit alone , will u?! (:
live preview;

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CHOCOLATES make me HIGHHH! :D -Honeycombs! [:
By: honeycombs 9.5 years ago

476 downloads • 5.00 stars

A blogskin made of chocolates! Its a request from my friendddd! =)
It made of mostly different shades of red,pink & orange!
& I have not added in any background, cause I'm not sure what colours are suitable.
Any comments? :D

Do comment and rate me! THANKSSS! <3
P/S: I realise alll of my skins are FOOD-TYPE! HAHAH. =/

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candy ADDICT/♥s}
By: ♥summerkisses} 9.4 years ago

1,742 downloads • 4.88 stars

this is kinda resubmitted, I had a problem with it earlier on.
It's meant to be simple! but I guess it didn't turn out the way I wanted...
featuring CANDY:D
Please tell me if the c o l o u r s don't match:D
rate/comment constructively, thanks!:]


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#o4 sweet.tooth. :3
By: hearts 9.4 years ago

1,293 downloads • 4.80 stars

sweets are ♥!
sweet stuffs are lovely, aint they? :D

spent quite some time on this. hope the skin isnt too pinkish like.
it shows different shades of grey in IE i guess, sorry bout that. try #101010 for the background-colour if you're using IE.
tested in both FF and IE. works fine in both. (:

do rate and give constructive comments okey? thankyou ♥

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By: WandereSS 9.2 years ago

379 downloads • 5.00 stars

Juz another skin as well...
Took basecodes from people but I credited them as well...

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#03 ;Those sweets represent my love for you {Reque
By: sunshineLADY` 9.2 years ago

407 downloads • 4.75 stars

Okay! This is my third skin! (:
Sweets. Erm, took lots of effort in this skin! Don't rate me down just because you see no effort in it ! I'll be very angry! LOL. (Joking!! )
Okay, do comment on it ! (:

Skin thumbnail

o1]♥sweets are the LOVE!
By: summer&scent 9.2 years ago

370 downloads • 4.88 stars

I suck at description:x

Skin thumbnail

#3「L change the WorLd」Death Note
By: {RansomLetter} 9.0 years ago

1,484 downloads • 4.99 stars

Hello! WOW! It's been a while since i post something here huh? ha ah ha.. To be exact around 6 months i've last post something.. :)

SO here is another skin.. inspired from the movie, "L change the world".. To be honest i did'nt used any brushes.. but if you noticed, there is a flash header... this skin is more to animation, i guess...

Well i chose white as the bg because it is related to...

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#11 sweets
By: xiia0_angeliina 9.0 years ago

446 downloads • 4.86 stars

i take image from someone.. i forget someone....

cuz my sis saw tis image den she save den she show me....

so i hope u wont rate tis skin low... thanks!

now im still learning how to make blogskins...
but too bad tat i dun have photoshop....

Skin thumbnail

love sweets!
By: viiiiil.(: 9.0 years ago

589 downloads • 5.00 stars

my first skin!
all about candies! ^^
please comment!

Skin thumbnail

By: adictedgurl 9.0 years ago

384 downloads • 4.83 stars

hello heres my fourth skin
i hope u guys will like it because
i spent alot of time on this skin (:
I actually made a skin yesterday but it FAILED
and at that time its bedtime so i decided to make
it today(:
I will make some more soon!

Skin thumbnail

By: andereen 8.8 years ago

449 downloads • 3.67 stars

chocalates , sweets and ice-creams

Skin thumbnail

velvet-sky #20 - Kiss of the Rainbow.
By: velvet-sky 8.7 years ago

17,756 downloads • 4.93 stars

Now this is my experimenting piece. -_- I think it's not very "me". But yes, I hope you love the concept and the lovely colours. :D

The design is done in Adobe Illustrator by the way. Haha. It was a kewl process. :D

It's image heavy so guys, do me a favour pretty please? Host your images in photobucket.com , ripway.com , imageshack.us or on your own hosting server. :3 Thanks.

Skin thumbnail

[sweets] 06
By: diore.tk 8.7 years ago

574 downloads • 4.25 stars

A layout I made for my friend. Background from photobucket. Leave the credit pls. -m

Skin thumbnail

fourr. Cress/. Sweets for me!
By: unholycress 8.5 years ago

584 downloads • 4.50 stars

What? I'm hungry. :[ Heee.

Rate and comment please! :D So I can improve.

PS. Just realised. It works better on FF. The alignment is a little problematic on IE. :[

Skin thumbnail

Sweet n' Simple }%BLUE.pink-
By: %BLUE.pink- 8.4 years ago

4,688 downloads • 4.98 stars

okay, i'll keep this short

Please excuse the lame title.
I just can't crack my head to find a suitable name.

All the credits are in place so just refer to it if you want to know the resourses, etc.
I've put quite a lot of effort in it, so please, have a heart, don't rip.


#navbar-iframe{ display: none; }#user_profile_avatar{ float: left; padding:...

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