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*raindrops25 // Never Leave Me
By: raindrops25 11.5 years ago

7,752 downloads • 4.64 stars

da de dum..
another christian layout featuring the verse Psalm 23:4.
upload the pic to your own server, or else no one else can see the pics, eh?
&, don't remove my link!
leave comments so i can improve, k?
enjoy the skin!
and, God bless!

check out my blog @: http://cool.as/raindrops

p.s. there is just SUCH a lack of christian layouts! *sigh.*
to missy_jannah :
i'd hate to...

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anger [[ juu ]]
By: justiniechan 11.1 years ago

2,232 downloads • 4.47 stars


A template about anger. When you feel all so pissed.

Anyway, the space between the words, opacity and content of the template CAN be adjusted to suit your liking, so please do not post anymore comments regarding them.

Also, please do not say you do not like area mapping or javascript and give it a low rating. I personally like it as i feel that it saves a lot of space....

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thats her ; upside-down
By: topsy-turvy 11.1 years ago

73,153 downloads • 4.59 stars

This skin was done around 2 years ago, so I apologise for any out-dated things. But I've tried my best to make it more up to date. And, I admit my skills were and still are amateurish.

This skin is very "you get what you see". It's simply about "Love At First Sight". Simple as it is, it is not meant to have other hidden meanings. But if you see it differently, then good for you....

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Cute lil gurl
By: Resha2 11.1 years ago

1,328 downloads • 5.00 stars

Okaiez.. dis time issa yellow skin anime now~!And a pic of a cute lil gurl!Plz ratez![and comment aniways]

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pink-itty ^pp ;)
By: peculiar_purple 11.1 years ago

12,269 downloads • 4.87 stars

wihiee... another pink template again... ;)
nuthin' much to say... please check out.. thanks..
enjoy ;)

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_][ii l0rve euu][_
By: shhe3na 11.1 years ago

1,315 downloads • 4.67 stars

*`e music i put fer fun only,it th0se nt
related t0 e skin
*`i dun tiink dis skin beri nice,c0x didnt put 1oo% eff0rt in it
*`n0 nid t0 leave my liink
*`any c0mments jux g0 my page n tag lorr
h0pe u all lyk it!

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fallen_angel ^pp ;)
By: peculiar_purple 11.1 years ago

9,947 downloads • 4.84 stars

please check out..

hope you like it.. enjoy.. ;)

best viewed in 1024 x 768 + screen resolution

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cutiepup.. ^pp ;)
By: peculiar_purple 11.0 years ago

2,870 downloads • 4.38 stars

nuthin' much to say.. please check out.. thanks.. hope you like it.. ;)

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Forever Friends
By: nazhath_faheema 11.0 years ago

7,806 downloads • 4.74 stars

A cute starry, cloudy, sunny forever friends skin for all forever friends fans :)

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love [[and]] loss x3//LiFEsCoMPLiCATeD;;#3;;
By: LiFEsCoMPLiCATeD 11.0 years ago

4,504 downloads • 4.21 stars

[[theme]] life,love,&loss
[[colors]] brown, burgundyish, reddish brown, white,& black
[[tools]] paint,& gettyimages


[1]change obvious things [i.e]profile,&other mods.
[2]change the links [i.e]aim, subscriptions, ect.

Hope you enjoy the skin. Comment!! tell me what you think=]
*you don`t need premium on xanga to use it.

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falling [[ juu ]]
By: justiniechan 11.0 years ago

2,150 downloads • 4.75 stars

This skin is about falling so deep, that you wish you never had to get up. Maybe it might be true, that you were better off as a fallen one.
It is a simple skin as I didnt not want it to appear too complicated and thus messy.
Ok please enjoy and leave comments. Thank you =))

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#03 Rumours fishpear
By: fishpear 11.0 years ago

1,823 downloads • 4.58 stars

one of my first-est celebrity layout, there's room for improvement!((:
Haha. i;m simple minded so I didn't have the disabled right click thing and erm I dodn't know how to do the ad-free thingy so I had to make the pic big to cover up the bar cos it's kinda screwed when part of it are seen. Hoho.
Upload the images yourself. Thee are 2 for this case, 1 is for the pic obviously and 2nd for the...

Skin thumbnail

#1 take my hand - cl*ra
By: cl*ra 10.9 years ago

86,354 downloads • 4.64 stars

#1 t a k e. m y. h a n d.

used .div layers
font .verdana
colours .black/grey/hotpink/pink/white
image .drawn by me - stick figures (:
resolution .best in 1024 x 768

please host the pictures by yourself
as my bandwidth has exceeded
5 pictures here:

;please leave my link
;and thanks for your comments (:

;view my...

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# * [[~NaM3L3s$Fr3aK~]]is that an angel??
By: gilaguy 10.9 years ago

4,340 downloads • 4.31 stars

its a cool skin blue..cute little people..erm...hope u like tis skin....tho its simple...

Skin thumbnail

ying2 - hurt no more[3 versions
By: sPirAlx 10.9 years ago

2,584 downloads • 4.75 stars

i've got 3 versions of this.

please please upload the pics and music to your own server.
the zip includs 3 different backgrounds. choose anyone u like and upload it to your OWN SERVER.


Skin thumbnail

my little angel-[gn]
By: gnnio 10.8 years ago

1,401 downloads • 3.00 stars

2 little picture of a baby. an adorable one in fact. haha. enjoy it.

please view my other skins as well

Skin thumbnail

By: Terah 10.8 years ago

1,430 downloads • 3.75 stars

-Bright Stars
-Black Background
-Roxy at bottom
I hope the words are okay to read. You can always just change the colors yourself...enjoy!

Skin thumbnail

trying put the past behind [e*lame]
By: yida_wings 10.6 years ago

1,768 downloads • 4.44 stars

a dark skin. hope u like it.

check it out, leave my links if u r using n also constructive comments.


kinda meant 2 b simple in its own way. so dun critisise.

Skin thumbnail

i will wait for you `angella
By: angella91 10.6 years ago

11,427 downloads • 4.65 stars

hees. credits to photoshop and http://www.rebel-heart.net/brushes for the brushes and http://www.geocities.com/frostiparadice for the music.

actually i wanted to look for the midi of yi qian nian yi hou by jj lin junjie but i couldnt find it. so i decided to put first love instead. hees. if someone gets to find it, pls tell me!

upload the bg urself. thnx...

Skin thumbnail

never ending love `angella
By: angella91 10.5 years ago

5,970 downloads • 4.77 stars

another. x)

pink and black! haha.

hope u like it.

upload the bg urself. thnx.


comments pls.

Skin thumbnail

a gun and three bullets.
By: gc-mcr-freako 10.5 years ago

1,597 downloads • 3.86 stars

Just a simple picture of a gun.
This is my first skin so sorry if it's screwed up.

Skin thumbnail

#02-----Pug Jelly//toffeexgurl
By: toffeexgurl 10.4 years ago

918 downloads • 4.38 stars

NO ONE made a skin of one of my favourite bands so i decided to be the first. =D it's pretty simplistic.color scheme: white,red, black and light pink.

remember to upload the pic urself!!

p.s pug jelly's no known as Saw Loser. ^-^

Skin thumbnail

E*/ 09 My Love For You
By: Ebullient* 10.2 years ago

5,638 downloads • 4.85 stars

Light up, Light up.
As if you had a choice.
Even if you cannot hear my voice.
I'll be right beside you dear.

Louder, louder.
And we'll run for our lives.
I can hardly speak I understand.
Why you cant raise your voice to say.

I Love U.

I dont know what to say.
Another stepping stone to freedom I guess?


Skin thumbnail

Kaira Gong
By: mayping 10.1 years ago

1,191 downloads • 4.96 stars

Kaira Gong, a Singaporean singer.
A blend of different shades of green, with an addition Kaira avatar.

Skin thumbnail

My Dreams_Unrealistic
By: pohleng 10.1 years ago

1,244 downloads • 5.00 stars

My dream skin.. actually used it for my own blog.. but i change to a new skin.. so i decided to contribute this.. so hmmhope u ppl like this.. and dun take away the credits part k?/ hhah

Skin thumbnail

42.64`THEromance [gene`ified]
By: gene`ified 10.1 years ago

6,828 downloads • 4.63 stars

hahax. i know it's been long. but still. it's not too late!!

Skin thumbnail

[li0nheart #12] Beautiful Disaster V2
By: li0nheart 9.9 years ago

40,173 downloads • 4.81 stars

[UPDATED ON 05.05.07]
If you want to use this skin, you got to revert your blogger layout to CLASS TEMPLATE first, if not the codes will not work. :)

Halo! =D

Yay I'm submitting on a Friday again!

Okay this one took me about 1 hour to complete.

Theme: Abstract art.

As you can see, the image is vectored and everything is in...

Skin thumbnail

bear miss you lyk how i miss you( pink , black n w
By: thelurve 9.9 years ago

818 downloads • 3.50 stars

hi this is my second skin hope that it is improved...:p this skin is about missing each other...xD

Skin thumbnail

Fairytale To Happen
By: lorripop 9.9 years ago

1,321 downloads • 0.50 stars

uhm... its black?!?!?!

Skin thumbnail

By: starz_foreva 9.9 years ago

1,028 downloads • 4.90 stars

I spent a realli long time on this skin. Basically, i suck at HTML. took me 2 whole days to get the code working. I noe its simple and not that fantastic but it was my best. I hope you all like it. The pictures i don't mind hosting. Currently looking for a person relatively good in HTML to code my skins. Interested please email friendshipisforeva@gmail.com. even if ur nt interested, i dun...

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