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Skins tagged with: vintage

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doriane's ~$paradopia$
By: paradopia 11.6 years ago

1,358 downloads • 4.00 stars

this skin is my 15th... and hope everyone like this...
nothing much to say...
don't be harsh in commenting ok? thanks alot

check out my other skins...

bad badtz maru
black butterflies
fruits basket
i love angels
mr. snowman
my lurve for puppies
sakura card captor
scribbley scrab part 1(map)
scribbley scrab part 2(map)
stripey stripes part 1...

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By: easten_lxy 11.2 years ago

1,510 downloads • 4.22 stars


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#26 `MF- Vintage Love
By: mizz-freaq 11.0 years ago

1,745 downloads • 4.60 stars

Main colourS black, white and gray. There's a poem at e layout, if u noe how to read it in order, it'll make sense...

Deep in my closet
behind clothes and shoes
There's a box put away
filled with thoughts of u

Emails you wrote
lifting my heart
Ur words left unsent
that ripped me apart

Poems of love
to brighten my day
A notebook of stanzas
I cant throw away

I retrieve this...

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Perfect Escapade
By: kukuthebird 10.9 years ago

3,169 downloads • 4.83 stars

Ugh, save the niceties, I'm here to present my second layout.

It's been a long time, very long. Aptly put, I haven't got time to screw cook up a nice skin.

Not giving detailed art reports anymore... just look at the skin, imagine and bloody figure out the skin yourself, I'm tired of explaining.

I sound pissed, why, I AM PISSED.


Targetted downloaders= FEMALEs or any in...

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Classic Beauty
By: Psychokitty85 10.9 years ago

1,496 downloads • 4.72 stars

Well it's not the best but it's okay I guess I'll actually myself just give it a 3 but anyways it features Model Amy Finalyson. It has a gilded, vintage, touch to it.

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vintage prom queen; champagnekisses-
By: champagnekisses- 10.8 years ago

1,929 downloads • 4.62 stars

Hey you all! :D

This new one's vintage-y! :D
(At least i wanted that kinda feel..)

Anyway, it has a gray bg .
With a tinge of reddish-pinkish-purple-ness ! :D
Pretty simple actually.
Haha seems like i dont really do complicated skins :D

Works fine in both IE & Firefox .
Not sure about others like Safari or whatever though.

♥Just enjoy (;

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[li0nheart #11] vintAGE
By: li0nheart 10.8 years ago

3,491 downloads • 4.74 stars

Yo people!
Submitting on a Friday again. =)

Theme: Vintage.

Yep, this is clear-cut.
A simple vintage skin for everyone's use. There's not much I can say about this skin. =)

Do make a preview, comment and favourite if you want!

Anyways if you haven't replied to the forum on the Singaporean skinners outing, do take a look and see whether you are interested in it or not. LEK is...

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04 vintage.green; -jeaf
By: jeaf 10.7 years ago

1,167 downloads • 4.93 stars

Yet another one here.
Not so simple.
Hope you like it.


Thank you.

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#7 oh snap, it's vintage ;; -poiised
By: -poiised 10.7 years ago

4,840 downloads • 4.91 stars

someone wanted a vintage skin so.. what the heck. :)

-->>♥Brown & Pink :)
-->>♥No right-click
-->>♥Different B/I/U effects
-->>♥Pleaseeee comment:)

I need to go bathe. =/

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06.A Thousand Flowers~
By: Sarah-nator 10.7 years ago

1,450 downloads • 4.75 stars

Don't ask me what the saying on the banner means. My friend made it up, and i remembered it, so i decided to make this one dedicated to her.
This will soon be for Xanga too.
The text is alittle off, but i ment it to be like that. If anyone thinks i should change it just tell me in a comment.
Please upload the photos yourself (one of the pics are in there twice so look for it):...

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You love me? //Puppet2409//
By: puppet2409 10.7 years ago

1,546 downloads • 4.59 stars

I don't know what title to use so i just use whatever words in the image.. can't think of any good ones. Btw i hope you like the layout.

2 things that i want you to do...
xxx please comments
xxx if u decide to use it please hosts the image urself, u can use photobucket or imageshack..

anyway thats all, enjoy!!

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VINTAGE MAMA!-elf&sexy-hobbits
By: elf&sexy-hobbits 10.7 years ago

1,308 downloads • 4.17 stars

my second skin!!

thanks to sweet misery- for the coding!
please upload the picture to your server<3


please rate and give comments.

god bless ya!

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phat.m || Mademoiselle P
By: city_mary_yam 10.7 years ago

2,532 downloads • 4.57 stars

My first skin. This is so chic & fashionable. Pictures of some models. Suitable for all the fashionistas out there!! Everything is centralized. Quite vintage-like. I did it for my online shop. It's neither in full colour nor it's black and white. Have a look and do comment on it. Thanks! :)

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Here Comes MICKEY`! | islenska`*
By: islenska 10.7 years ago

6,011 downloads • 4.83 stars

Mickey Mouse Club March

Who's the leader of the club
That's made for you and me?
M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E!

Hey, there! Hi, there! Ho, there!
You're as welcome as can be!
M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E!

right, enough singing...^^
kays, this skin is a tribute to Mickey Mouse =)

vintage Mickey being used for the design here...cos i prefer the vintage version? ^^

Skin thumbnail

baby chulo [TW.]
By: TOXIC-WASTE 10.7 years ago

1,586 downloads • 4.50 stars

it's meant for my blog , my previous skin.
that intertwined rings pic belongs to me &dear girl [:

capture that moment,
the moment of love ,
that fervent romance we share (:

vintage-y, (added pics of hourglass &the clock to symbolise time,that ever after relationship)
and textures added.

miss me :D...

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1. suppkidd0 - no perfect girl *
By: suppkidd0 10.7 years ago

1,811 downloads • 4.92 stars

`My First Skin here.
NOTE: What i mean by that is its my first skin here on blogskins x3 not the first skin I ever made haha so I know the codings already xD sorry for that =D
Hope I did good =)
Its brown (yey one of my faveee colors)
Picture is kinda EMOOOO(:
and its Vintage as well
check it out (:
I just tried Figuring out Adobe cos finally have it =)...

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Vintage Innocence - Spicing Up
By: spicingup 10.7 years ago

1,532 downloads • 4.96 stars

Vintage skin
Featuring a girl with wings

Skin thumbnail

By: queenofheart- 10.6 years ago

947 downloads • 4.14 stars

another cristiano ronaldo layout.
a psserby asked me to post.
so i did.
i used this skin for my blog.
it's more to vintage.
nice thou'.
please rate kay??

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#Never coming back.(26)
By: XXsalsaXX 10.6 years ago

1,992 downloads • 4.97 stars

black and white.I just hope i didnt add too many brushes.Oh yeah, the pic may look a little big here but it'll look just right in blogger. I guess the content of the pic sort of appiles to me.Those happy memories were long gone.
ps.I did post a skin thumbnail but i cant see it on my comp.passerbys please comment if you can see it?thanks loads:D

Skin thumbnail

Journey to the past -SPICING UP
By: spicingup 10.6 years ago

1,207 downloads • 4.94 stars

vintage brushes
click preview!

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Fashion Goes A Long Way~ | islenska`*
By: islenska 10.6 years ago

2,218 downloads • 4.73 stars

hey i'm back after a reeeeeally looooong break ~_~

presenting to you this skin on "fashion"!
it's actually a requested theme by my friend, and i'm designing it for his friend's blog, which features discussion topics on fashion; a fashion blog kinda...yep

main colors used: black, brown & cream

-images from stock.xchng
-photoshop brushes from spy.glass.net...

Skin thumbnail

019. Green Vintage
By: xiicedtea 10.6 years ago

1,444 downloads • 4.76 stars

Thank you, Lisee for letting me use the image. Lisee .


td,p,body{color:black;font:7pt verdana}


Skin thumbnail

#14 pour ma {lilianaaa} ;; -poiised
By: -poiised 10.6 years ago

3,640 downloads • 4.97 stars

this skin goes out to the missy all the way in virginia -- xiicedtea {a.k.a. lilaayy.}

if you wish to download; ask her. ;]

-->>♥No Navs(:
-->>♥Vintagey. (:
-->>♥Different B / I / U colors(:
-->>♥No right-click


..in which case; looks best in black /...

Skin thumbnail

Good Old Days*--
By: cr0ssed 10.6 years ago

1,032 downloads • 4.00 stars

To start with the picture is a very nice photo taken. I only did adjustments with the colour brightness at certain areas. Please give comments. (: Managing a website now hosting my own images and giving free blogskins away. And Im using my own blogskin! Heh
Have quite a few now and doing more. Please visit! And give comments so i can improve. Thanks! iBlogskinsDesign

Skin thumbnail

022. Beautiful World
By: xiicedtea 10.6 years ago

2,763 downloads • 4.29 stars

What a Beautiful World.
One of my most COLORFUL (and my total favorite).
do not rate down any of my skins if they are plain , especially because all of them aren't (except one).
2. DO NOT EDIT MY LINK (i have a tracker code. Be afraid, very afraid.)

Skin thumbnail

023. Sit Back&Relax
By: xiicedtea 10.6 years ago

1,167 downloads • 4.63 stars

Similar to 22, but different colors and a different icon.
ABSOLUTELY NO NEGATIVE COMMENTS (only words of praise and helpful tips). ;]

Skin thumbnail

024. L O V E
By: xiicedtea 10.6 years ago

1,222 downloads • 4.91 stars

L O V E &hearts;
Same rules as the others. ;]

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Yinny/ 1. This is only the beginning.
By: just-yinny 10.5 years ago

1,308 downloads • 4.92 stars

A:link {
color: #781B1B;
font-weight: none;
cursor: default;
text-decoration: none;
line-height: 8pt;

A:visited {
color: #781B1B;
font-weight: none;
cursor: default;
text-decoration: none;
line-height: 8pt;

A:active {
color: #781B1B;...

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001# beautifully broken
By: vintagesoul 10.5 years ago

1,229 downloads • 4.25 stars

my first ever published blogskin. i've made lots of blogskin (well, amateur ones) before but didnt dare to submit it. so, yea, dis is the first one ;)

abt the blogskins;
image is from yours truly.

codes are nt really mine coz i'm nt gd at it. just a lil editted. but yea, i've creditted dem ppl. sorry for those un-creditted anyway.

i expect comments. good/bad is...

Skin thumbnail

Yinny/ 3. Love in Rome, 1957
By: just-yinny 10.5 years ago

1,960 downloads • 4.94 stars

A:link {
color: #781B1B;
font-weight: none;
cursor: default;
text-decoration: none;
line-height: 8pt;

A:visited {
color: #781B1B;
font-weight: none;
cursor: default;
text-decoration: none;
line-height: 8pt;

A:active {
color: #781B1B;...

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